My Sun is Rising

Learning to Live with Chronic Pain: My LPHS Journey

‘My Sun is Rising’ is the title of the book I’m currently writing about my journey & experience with Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome, LPHS. As well as, information for people newly diagnosed with LPHS and their caregivers.  I’m constantly gathering information & doing research to include in the book. I welcome information about how others are accommodating to life with this horrid chronic illness.

As I make progress, I will add exerts and blurbs about living with and caring for someone with Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome. I started this book years ago and progress is slow. I believe I started gathering info and drafting the Table of Contents in the summer of 2015. My last few years have been a struggle & I’ll admit the book took a backseat to other health conditions, surgeries, & an ever evolving LPHS condition. Please be patient.


Library of journal articles & studies related to LPHS, chronic pain, chronic illness, & other kidney conditions related to LPHS. If you have issues with access, contact me & I’ll ensure you have Access My Public Google Drive LPHS Folder.
When I stepped back from the book, I also stepped back from Facebook. I regret that my social media break effected the @LPHSAwareness page. I made it public again & started adding content. Access to the LPHS Awareness & Education Facebook page.
If you are interested in natural solutions for treating nausea, pain, stress, & other unpleasant LPHS symptoms, you can check out my Essentially RedōDawn Facebook Page. No pressure to buy, but I created an essential oil resource photo album library. I recently started to update, post, & rearrange the page to include my art designs from My Yankee Spirit Digital Designs. Art is my therapy & it’s kind of a natural solution! I’ll refrain about how art helps me cope with my depression and chronic pain. You can visit the pages to learn more. I discovered that I could make & sell 1000+ products customizing each one using my photos & digital art designs. I set up two stores with various household items, electronics, & gifts. I added a plethora of my digital paintings & new LPHS design logos, memes, and posters. Links are in page footer.


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